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Twenty8Twelve showroom

March 27 2012, 14:00

We are loving our new showroom, located in the heart of central London on Old Bond Street… 

Category: fashion    Author Inky Son

Made in England

March 23 2012, 14:01

The fit and construction of a tailored trouser and jacket are integral to tailoring. A simple shoulder pad, canvas fusing or just the way a seam is stitched can mean the difference between a good or bad fit. We wanted to be able to give our customer this level of attention to detail in our tailoring. It also means that we can use European fabrics and trims which have superb quality and tradition behind them.

We reviewed our working methods, and decided to go back to more traditional methods of fashion design and manufacturing. We now work with some fantastic pattern cutters and great factories in London. Manufacturing clothes in England is sadly a dying tradition in this country, when we used to be famous for it.  A lot of these factories are hidden away, so it’s been an exciting adventure discovering them. We are thrilled with the quality we are now being able to achieve and offer.

Category: fashion    Author Vanessa James, Design Director

Press: Ledoyen dress

March 21 2012, 13:29

What does Nikki Reed, Reese Witherspoon, and Jenna Ushkowitz all have in common?  They all love our Autumn Winter 2011 leopard print ‘Ledoyen’ dress!

Category: fashion press    Author Inky Son

Press: Freud dress

March 20 2012, 14:01

We are loving Catt Sadler in our Spring Summer 2012 “Freud” Dress on the March 15th episode of “E! News”.  Just gorgeous!

Category: fashion press    Author Inky Son

Gossip Girl

March 19 2012, 21:21

Whether as Serena van der Woosen on Gossip Girl or out on a coffee break in New York City, Blake Lively always looks gorgeous in Twenty8Twelve.

Category: fashion    Author Inky Son

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