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Velvet Magazine, June 2012

May 18 2012, 9:30

Rolla Coaster Magazine, April 2012

April 05 2012, 12:44

AsiaSpa, March/April 2012

March 28 2012, 11:52

InStyle, November 2011

March 28 2012, 11:52

Lucky, November 2011

March 28 2012, 11:51

Nylon, October 2011

March 28 2012, 11:50

Glamour, October 2011

March 28 2012, 11:49

Lucky, September 2011

March 28 2012, 11:48

Vogue, August 2011

March 28 2012, 11:47

Lucky, August 2011

March 28 2012, 11:46

Faceless Featured Future, The Film

Inspired in part by the 2000 film 'In the Mood for Love', the Twenty8Twelve film, features three muses navigating the smoke and shadow of a beautifully lit neon landscape, filled with promise and caution.

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AW12: Faceless Featured Future

For Autumn Winter ‘12 Twenty8Twelve’s ‘Faceless Featured Future’ collection delves into the murky underbelly of London. Set against a backdrop of the 1960s, the collection’s voyeuristic theme is explored through references to mock documentaries and Truman Capote’s infamous Party of the Century.

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AW11: The Burnettes and Burlinson

The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection ‘The Burnettes and Burlinson’ brings together a mixture of themes. Initially drawing inspiration from the French ‘New Wave’ cinema movement of the early 1960’s, through to the emerging American rock and roll era of the 1950’s Rockabilly Teddy Girls, the collection creates a beautiful juxtaposition of traditional and modern elements.

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SS12: All the boys are called Patrick

Twenty8Twelve’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is inspired by the 1957 film ‘All the boys are called Patrick’ and captures the attitude, free spirit and energy of the film’s female characters.

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